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Modern Business Club helps its members succeed by helping them earn more and by discounts on insurance, funding and other costs thanks to our unique technology and special deals

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What makes us special? We believe it is the focus on you – our members. Your business, your ideas, your creativity. We find the best solutions to your insurance, funding and business development requirements day after day. Go on – join us know. You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain!

savings and growth For Organisations, made simple.

Every business wants to save money and increase turnover, but not every business knows how to achieve that. What makes membership of MBC so valuable is our sole focus on helping you save your money and you increase your turnover.

If you feel you are spending too much on insurance and/or funding, you are not alone! Join other members of MBC and benefit from our volume and technology-driven savings that allows you to get discounted insurance and finance. We also help members with various ways of increasing their revenues and efficiency.

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Additional service we provide to businesses interested in expanding by growing their mobile marketing

Frequently asked questions

Modern Business Club is a community of businesses that benefit from discounted insurance, funding and other business services thanks to volume discounts and technological advantages employed by MBC and its group companies.

Membership of MBC starts from FREE! giving members access to tiers of great value-added services and at terms that are difficult to match by sourcing them from the open market.

Any company interested in saving on its cost of insurance, finance and various business development services is encouraged to join MBC.

Our founders are entrepreneurs who experienced first-hand how expensive various business-orientated services are. It occurred to them that by teaming up, companies can take advantage of lower rates in various services, but in particular in insurance and funding, but also app development and other business growth services.

We are always interested in expanding and would welcome applications from people passionate about helping busineses save money on insurance and finance as well as help them grow through technological and business development solutions.

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