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Why Cyber Insurance?

If your business uses email, has a website or stores customer data electronically, it is a target for cybercriminals. The latest numbers of cybercrimes are alarming! About 50% of all UK businesses suffered a cybersecurity incident in recent years costing them an average of between £5,000-£30,000 per incident.

The goal of cyber liability insurance is to provide you with practical support and financial compensation if your company falls victim to a cyber-attack.


What does cyber insurance cover?

Cyber covers your time and money that you would lose dealing with a cyber-attack as well as the costs of putting your business back together following a hack or data breach. Also, common to include is the cover for so-called cyber extortion, where a ransomware grinds your business to a halt and cybercriminals demand ransom to let you gain control of your website and/or systems. If part of your cover, this feature will pay the ransom and offer specialist consultancy service to rectify the situation for your business.

Typical aspects covered by a cyber liability cover are as follows:

  • Expenses incurred investigating a cyber-attack
  • Lost income if a cyber-attack stops you trading
  • Legal fees involved in disclosing a breach to the ICO
  • Expenses incurred repairing, restoring and replacing your website, networks and data
  • Costs of informing customers
  • ;lgal fees and compensation costs if you’re sued for losing individuals’ private data
  • PR costs of managing your reputation and dealing with the fallout

As you can see, a serious cyber insurance incident can result in an expensive bill, which your business will have to pay for if it doesn’t have any cyber insurance.

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