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What Is Salon Insurance?

Salon insurance is another blanket term referring to a combination of policies in a single insurance package that a salon can benefit from. Various forms of insurance protection could be included in a salon’s insurance package that may or may not be important for your particular situation.

The risks that you would like to protect against and whether they are relevant to your salon will guide the process of choosing the policies to include in your salon’s insurance package.

What does Salon insurance cover?

Some of the more common policies added into a salon insurance package include:

  • Public liability insurance: your salon business depends on customers visiting your premises and, as a result of this, public liability is a real risk for you should a member of the public be injured or their property be damaged while they are visiting your premises. If you are found to be guilty of causing damages to a visitor’s property or even injury to them, then public liability insurance could help you to meet the payment of legal fees and compensation.
  • Product liability insurance: cover your exposure to risk if your products end up causing damage, illness or injury to customers. Salons are often held accountable for causing injuries and bills for compensation can be quite substantial and certainly far exceeding the cost of a whole year’s worth of product liability cover.
  • Buildings and contents insurance: providing you protection against the physical damage to your salon premises, equipment and your salon’s contents. It compensates you for the damage to your building’s permanent fixtures as well as equipment. An extension can be arranged additionally to include cover for cash on premises, stock, and goods in transit should you require that.
  • Employers’ liability insurance: it is a legal requirement to have an employers’ liability policy should you employ staff or even volunteers. Only if you employ the closest family members, this cover is not obligatory.
  • Business interruption insurance: protects your business should insured damage hinder your business from operating normally such as after for example a flooding event causing the closure of your premises.

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