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Self-discovery and analysis


"Thank you for the opportunity to understand myself deeper!

With my rhythm of life it's hard to stop and deliberately think about myself, that's why I decided to go through the programme. I put many things in order, I now understand myself much better, my motivation, strengths, what is important to me, and not to the society in which I live. As a result, I decided to focus on my educational project and run, run half a marathon this year!"

Find Yourself

This unique coach service provided by our partners helps people reshape their thinking and make empowered choices.

Each participant is assigned to a curator who answers questions in an interactive format and helps to draw conclusions from the programme.

This coach service is not a magic pill. The changes that you seek will happen in exact accordance with your desire and efforts. We will support you along the way. After completing the programme, you will much better understand yourself and your priorities. And you will have the tools to safely make the changes in life.

Approaches collected in the programme help and do not harm. We checked on ourselves, and trust the experience of Philipp Guzenuk, as he is great professional with international experience.

If you do the exercises and they will not help, our partners will refund you.

Find Your Business

Find Your Passion


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